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Wednesday, 04 March 2020 20:48

Each sari emulates nature’s magnificent blooms hand-painted by skilful artisans

Inde’ loom a social impact startup launches a vibrant collection of Pure Silk Organza Sarees. Each of the sarees has been inspired by nature’s magnificent blooms, and created using authentic natural silk yarn, whose thin weave and sheer fabric speaks by itself of its purity. It is comfortable, very feminine, delicately light weight and have a beautiful drape, which makes it float like feather. The varying color palette highlighting elements of flowers, birds, leaves reflect the hand painting detail on both sides aesthetically.

Inde’ Loom’s new collection weighs less than 180 grams, is made with superior dyes and natural colors that are safe to the skin, do not bleed and are long lasting. Hand painted by skilful artisans, each of the sari’s takes about 6-7 days of heartfelt labour. This sough after ageless Indian wear collection is in line with recent trends making it a must have for every fashionable woman. It is the perfect choice for an evening get-together, ceremonies or merely to make a statement!

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